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The ultimate destination for modern-day explorers, Miavana combines world-class luxury in a wilderness of rare wildlife and extraordinary landscapes, beautifully echoed throughout its design.

Taking over four years to create this haven, Miavana is an exceptional destination where the design and focus celebrate its environment, planting over 100,000 indigenous trees, restoring the natural vegetation and using only natural and recycled materials to construct the magnificence that is, Miavana. Designed by world-renowned architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, Miavana is the perfect blend, expressing local, traditional, and handmade textures and styles alongside urban, modern, and minimalist. 

The stone used to clad all the buildings on Miavana were delivered piece by piece by boat from a family-owned quarry on mainland Madagascar, carried to shore and hand-chiseled into rocks by hundreds of locals that were employed for the construction of our island.

The Piazza 

Channeling a stone fortress fit for a fairytale, Miavana’s main area, better known as the Piazza, features an open-air central pavilion surrounded by a crystal-clear moat. The pavilion links to Toulou’s Bar, constructed from wonky stone walls and hand-axed rosewood shelves, offering downstairs and upstairs seating with panoramic views. Surrounded by four-meter-high stone walls, pergolas, grand arches and a firepit, the Piazza has an inspiring discovery around every corner.

Furthermore, the Piazza offers several dining areas, a glittering infinity pool, a wine cellar with four circular glass skylights as well as our Cabinet de Curiosities, where you can marvel at the treasures of Madagascar. With views overlooking the beach and mountains, it’s the perfect place to unwind.

Silvio’s is the place to be for snacking on pizza all day long. Boasting a suspended palm-leaf woven roof, ocean-facing hammocks, and candy coloured dining chairs, Silvio’s embraces barefoot dining with its sandy floor taking inspiration from the powdery white shores spotted just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant.

The Villas

Dotted along the pristine beach, Miavana’s 14 beachfront villas are a masterpiece in luxury. Steel frames create an effortless flow between indoor and outdoor living, with each villa having direct beach access. The bedroom is dressed in hand-dyed curtains inspired by the depths of an illuminated ocean with an ombré effect of deep aqua through to lighter shades of blue and a cuff of cream. With aquamarine sofas, private pools, sunken baths, indoor stone conical open-top and outdoor showers, our villas allow travellers to feel fully immersed in the island setting.  

A Touch of Turquoise

From pool loungers to towels, transport, ceramics, and appliances, a tasteful touch of this refreshing shade is seen throughout Miavana. Inspired by the azure shades of the surrounding waters, it couldn’t be more apt – if we do say so ourselves. 

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There is nowhere in the world like Miavana, there is no luxury, no beauty, no tranquility, no thrill to equal this blue haven.

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We spent five days at Miavana. The place is just out of this world! I cannot find words to qualify it. Miavana is so so so great the island is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I know! That team are very helpful and effective. And the food is just amazing!

Laya, 2023

Extraordinary staff, very relaxing with beautiful scenery. Well after a few hours a wave of peace floated in and for the next few days we were in heaven.

Carla, 2020

Breathtakingly beautiful and indescribably luxurious. Cannot fault or complain about absolutely anything. The Miavana team, the food, the beautiful accommodation creates paradise within paradise. This is a one of a kind place that will exceed your highest expectations!

Marina, 2022

My week long stay at Miavana was unparalleled in almost every aspect of luxury. Defining luxury not only in terms of great quality and exclusivity, but in terms of craftsmanship, consciousness and a unique enriching experience. The richness of the culture set the context for such unique environment, and is the pillar of every impressive distinguishing feature of Miavana.

Tessa, 2023

Miavana will exceed your expectations. We traveled to Miavana for a week and had an incredible experience. The weather was perfect, the staff was attentive and there was enough activities on offer to keep us busy (honestly we could have stayed an extra week). The island is also home to a group of crowned lemurs which were amazing to see!

Ashley, 2022