Explore all of Zambia’s premier wildlife destinations with a diverse array of activities.

Get up close and personal with the wildlife along Zambia’s mighty rivers. Time + Tide is connected through the rivers of Zambia, journey with us to all three of our regions, the Liuwa Plain, the South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi. An unspoiled wilderness, South Luangwa National Park is known as the Valley of the Leopard and the home of the walking safari. With endemic giraffe and wildebeest, and endangered wild dogs, the game viewing here is second to none. The landscape of the Lower Zambezi National Park is entirely different. Its lush channels and ancient forests are a haven for elephants, predators and birdlife. It offers the greatest variety of activities in Zambia, from game drives to canoeing, boat cruises, walking safaris and tiger fishing. The Liuwa Plain, on the west of Zambia, with its large wildebeest movement, exceptional birdlife as well as predator action is one of Zambia’s best kept secrets. Explore all three parks with award-winning guides on our most popular itinerary in Zambia.


Journey Information

  • Two Rivers journey is available to all of our destinations in Zambia. It is available in a 7 or 10 day itinerary. We will tailor the selection of camps and order of the national parks to suit your need and interests.
  • Best for a variety of safari activities
  • Incredible diversity and abundance of wildlife
  • Great predator action all year
  • Includes free nights

Discover your journey

Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

DAY 1 - 5

On arrival, your guide will meet you at Jeki or Royal airstrip in Lower Zambezi National Park and take you on a game drive to Time + Tide Chongwe. You will explore the broad variety of areas in the Lower Zambezi, from the escarpment and ancient forests to rivers and open pans, the region is home to a remarkable diversity of wildlife.

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Option One: Day 6 - 10

Arriving at Mfuwe airport you will get a glimpse of the local village life en route to the South Luangwa National Park. Venture through the wilderness with our award-winning guides, exploring by vehicle and on foot. With camps located deep in the heart of leopard country in a land of winding rivers and shady forests, you will find the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Spend time in our wildlife hides photographing animals up close and personal, or return to the wild with our Time + Tide Sleepout!

Liuwa Plain, Zambia

Option Two: Day 6 - 10

Arriving from Lusaka to Kalabo, you will be met by your guide for a game drive from Kalabo to camp. Time + Tide King Lewanika is the only permanent camp in the entire Liuwa Plain National Park, with endless vast skies of blue reaching the plain as it changes to a watery wonderland.

The Liuwa Plain is a photographer’s dream destination as the African storms roll over the horizon in the late afternoon light, with large herds of wildebeest and flocks of rare and endangered birds making this their seasonal home.


Green Season

Green Season

Jetset Safari

Jetset Safari

Time + Tide Sleepout

Time + Tide Sleepout


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Our expertise in African travel and conservation dates back 70 years and today, you can expect equally pioneering travel guidance from our award-winning team. Time + Tide are custodians of some of the most remote corners of our planet and it is our privilege to guide you along the road less travelled.

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Miavana will exceed your expectations. We traveled to Miavana for a week and had an incredible experience. The weather was perfect, the staff was attentive and there was enough activities on offer to keep us busy (honestly we could have stayed an extra week). The island is also home to a group of crowned lemurs which were amazing to see!

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