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Venturing to wild and remote destinations, Time + Tide is a pioneer in the luxury safari and island business.  We have a legacy in responsible tourism and offer our guests the luxury of space to feel truly alive, giving guests the opportunity to step away from the incessant “doing” of everyday life and a moment to “be present”.

Time + Tide spans across land and sea in pristine locations with our exceptional teams on the ground taking extraordinary care in sharing our deep appreciation for these destinations with each and every guest.

Time + Tide is a family-owned business, the culture of who we are is the essence of our brand values. We focus on the four pillars: community, conservation, sustainability and local economies in everything that we do to ensure that all our efforts go towards safeguarding some of the world’s most precious places, people and wildlife, for generations that follow.

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Time + Tide Story

The Time + Tide story celebrates the passion and effort of many people and families, bringing together properties and locations to showcase the stunning natural beauty found exceptionally in Zambia, Madagascar, and most recently Cape Town.

This story goes back to the 1950s in Zambia where Norman Carr pioneered walking safaris in the South Luangwa Valley, the 1990s when the Liebenberg family chose to showcase the Chongwe in the Lower Zambezi Valley, and in later years when the Peyre and wider Dalais family believed that the beauty of the northern part of Madagascar, in particular the archipelago where Miavana is situated, needed protection and promotion as a sustainable ecotourism development, recently with the addition of Tsara Komba in the Nosy Be archipelago. .

Time + Tide was brought together by Thierry Dalais building on a dream of preserving places in one-of-a-kind locations.

Each of these locations need biodiversity protection and the development of alternative economies that see to the preservation of our natural heritage.

Time + Tide has focused on delivering immersive tourism experiences in these places, working with local communities, NGO’s, local authorities, and conservation organisations aiming for long term sustainability and protection of these beautiful wild places for generations to come.

Still pioneering, still exploring – our story continues…

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As the newest addition to our collection, Tsara Komba opens the door to a pristine world where the forest meets the reef in a stunning natural display. Crafted from natural materials, the lodge exemplifies sustainable luxury, inviting guests on a journey of discovery through dense tropical forests and vibrant marine ecosystems in Madagascar. The inclusion of Time + Tide Tsara Komba not only expands our portfolio but also enhances our commitment to delivering transformative experiences that promote conservation and community engagement. Tsara Komba marks a significant chapter in the Time + Tide story, highlighting our dedication to extraordinary beauty in Zambia and Madagascar, where personal luxury, impactful travel, and environmental preservation are at the heart of what we do.

Our Time + Tide brand has evolved to showcase and honour our vision, allowing our destinations to shine and have an identity of their own. The creation of Time + Tide Safaris gives a clear representation of our Zambian product – a real, immersive and authentic safari experience in some of the most beautiful and diverse wilderness areas in Africa. It also gives clarity on where we want to expand the brand and allows us to grow. Across the Indian Ocean, Miavana by Time + Tide is raw and refined luxury, a private island sanctuary offering an adventure playground to the modern-day explorer whilst remaining true to the values of Time + Tide in its commitment to replenish the wild, tread mindfully, invest locally and care for our community.

The Time + Tide family of properties officially comes together as the Time + Tide brand. Interconnected through the rivers, our eight Time + Tide camps in Zambia cross the Indian Ocean to reach Miavana in Madagascar.

Continuing our commitment, Time + Tide King Lewanika was built in the magnificent Liuwa Plain. Time + Tide King Lewanika is the first permanent dedicated tourist camp in the entire Liuwa Plain. With its vast plains, dramatic African thunderstorms and impressive wildebeest movement, Liuwa Plain is often referred to as Zambia’s best kept secret.

In 2013, the Miavana project development was started by the Peyre and wider Dalais family. The development saw the rehabilitation of the land and construction work which took more than 4 years. Nurseries were established, invasive non-endemic trees were removed and more than 100 000 endemic plants and trees were planted along with other rehabilitation and restoration efforts. Miavana’s design and construction philosophy embodied the Time + Tide values and has brought the Time + Tide vision to life.

During this period Time + Tide Chinzombo, situated on the banks of the Luangwa River in Zambia, was also completed in keeping with the Time + Tide philosophy.

We were determined to do more to bring our family vision to life, and set about establishing the Time + Tide Foundation. The Foundation is often the only source of educational, social and medical support for communities in remote areas and our dedicated team works tirelessly with local leaders to publicly promote health, advance female education, conserve wildlife, and support inclusive, diverse education. With every year that passes, greater inroads are made to ensure that communities in Madagascar and Zambia benefit from Time + Tide’s presence.

Chongwe Safaris was set up by the Liebenberg family, Chris Liebenberg and his father were both deeply committed to conservation and their love for the Lower Zambezi. In 2006 they set up Chongwe Safaris on the confluence of the Chongwe River and the mighty Zambezi River. The Lower Zambezi still to this day is loved by guests for its variety of activities, exceptional wildlife sightings and (catch and release) fishing.

Norman Carr, the founding father of conversation and walking safaris, set up Zambia’s first photographic safari company in the South Luangwa. Our Time + Tide South Luangwa Camps are very special camps where guests experience walking between Time + Tide Mchenja, Time + Tide Kakuli, Time + Tide Nsolo and Time + Tide Luwi, following in the footsteps of early conservationists and truly getting to know Zambia.


Our conservation heritage dates back to 1950, when Norman Carr set up Zambia’s first game viewing camp in cooperation with Paramount Chief Nsefu of the Kunda Tribes. Today, we maintain his legacy, working with local communities to protect and share rare and unique places in all their natural beauty.

Learn more about our Time + Tide Foundation – Time + Tide contributes annually to the foundation, with their dedicated commitment to community, health, education, women empowerment and conservation.


We are in it together and we support each other every step of the way, having fun while we do it.


We create immersive experiences that reconnect us to our roots.


We are true to our word, and we give of ourselves wholeheartedly.


We are guardians of our environment. Through trust and respect, we embrace our culture and communities.


We create engaging, meaningful experiences that evoke emotion and a sense of "wow".



At Miavana, we are committed to safeguarding our unique natural environment and neighbouring communities for many generations to come through the support of the Time + Tide Foundation.


We spent five days at Miavana. The place is just out of this world! I cannot find words to qualify it. Miavana is so so so great the island is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I know! That team are very helpful and effective. And the food is just amazing!

Laya, 2023

Extraordinary staff, very relaxing with beautiful scenery. Well after a few hours a wave of peace floated in and for the next few days we were in heaven.

Carla, 2020

Breathtakingly beautiful and indescribably luxurious. Cannot fault or complain about absolutely anything. The Miavana team, the food, the beautiful accommodation creates paradise within paradise. This is a one of a kind place that will exceed your highest expectations!

Marina, 2022

My week long stay at Miavana was unparalleled in almost every aspect of luxury. Defining luxury not only in terms of great quality and exclusivity, but in terms of craftsmanship, consciousness and a unique enriching experience. The richness of the culture set the context for such unique environment, and is the pillar of every impressive distinguishing feature of Miavana.

Tessa, 2023

Miavana will exceed your expectations. We traveled to Miavana for a week and had an incredible experience. The weather was perfect, the staff was attentive and there was enough activities on offer to keep us busy (honestly we could have stayed an extra week). The island is also home to a group of crowned lemurs which were amazing to see!

Ashley, 2022