Embark on our half-day helicopter adventures transporting you to the northern reaches of Madagascar. Several extraordinary national parks and unique attractions are just a short scenic flight away. Follow the lead of our expert guides in search of unique Tsingy rock formations, caves, rare lemur species, and endemic birdlife. Explore viewpoints only reachable by helicopter and savour the remarkable views from above with sundowners in hand.


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Merely 20 minutes over turquoise seas and emerald forests lies Tattersali Camp, a unique community project run by our partners Fanamby in the Daraina reserve. Set out with our experienced guide on a short walk exploring a beautiful area well off the beaten track, in search of the Golden Crowned Sifaka, a critically endangered species found here and nowhere else.


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A lemur excursion par excellence. Anjahakely has a number of lemur species but the primary goal is to see the critically endangered Perrier’s Sifaka. This is one of the world’s few black lemur species, after which Fanamby’s Black Lemur Camp is named. Guests choosing this excursion over Daraina need to be relatively fit and passionate about the environment. There is also a chance to cool off in the natural pool at the foot of a waterfall.


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Ankarana is known for its extraordinary spiny limestone landscape called ‘Tsingy’ as well as its extensive underground network of caves and rivers, some of which contain crocodiles. Lemurs, chameleons and leaf-tailed geckos can be found in Ankarana’s dry, deciduous forests. This is a region of extremely high biodiversity, fossils and fascinating human history. Guests need to be fit and interested in ecology in order to get the most from this visit.


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Known in Malagasy as “Reniala” meaning “Mother of the Forest”, baobabs are an ancient and majestic species endemic to Madagascar. Threatened by habitat loss and in danger of disappearing, they fortunately can still be witnessed in abundance in a remote part of Northern Madagascar near Antanivelatra.


Tsingy Rouge Rod Waddington

Tsingy Rouge is a photogenic phenomenon. An unusual natural geological formation of red laterite, a type of stone and soil rich in iron and other minerals. The ‘Lavaka’ were caused by the erosion of the Irodo River, leaving behind soft strata with magnificent red and white formations. A hidden gem, where the beauty is also that you are unlikely to find many other visitors.

Image credit: Rod Waddington

Tsingy Rouge


Best Time To Go

All year round

What To Pack:

Comfortable walking shoes, long pants, lightweight shirt, hat and sunglasses

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We spent five days at Miavana. The place is just out of this world! I cannot find words to qualify it. Miavana is so so so great the island is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I know! That team are very helpful and effective. And the food is just amazing!

Laya, 2023

Extraordinary staff, very relaxing with beautiful scenery. Well after a few hours a wave of peace floated in and for the next few days we were in heaven.

Carla, 2020

Breathtakingly beautiful and indescribably luxurious. Cannot fault or complain about absolutely anything. The Miavana team, the food, the beautiful accommodation creates paradise within paradise. This is a one of a kind place that will exceed your highest expectations!

Marina, 2022

My week long stay at Miavana was unparalleled in almost every aspect of luxury. Defining luxury not only in terms of great quality and exclusivity, but in terms of craftsmanship, consciousness and a unique enriching experience. The richness of the culture set the context for such unique environment, and is the pillar of every impressive distinguishing feature of Miavana.

Tessa, 2023

Miavana will exceed your expectations. We traveled to Miavana for a week and had an incredible experience. The weather was perfect, the staff was attentive and there was enough activities on offer to keep us busy (honestly we could have stayed an extra week). The island is also home to a group of crowned lemurs which were amazing to see!

Ashley, 2022